Control Units


Control Units
CU6 range
CU7 range

The control unit is the interface between the igniter system and the operator or burner-management-system. It controls the igniter system and gives a visual or electrical indication of system status to the operator (depending on model). We currently have two ranges of control unit suitable for use with flame systems (CU6 and CU7) and one control range that is suitable for spark-only systems (SPG1A).

We frequently customize control units to suit the particular requirements of an application. Contact us to discuss your requirements and see the example systems page and product data-sheets for more details. 

For more information on our control units, see the datasheets listed below.



Suitable for

CU6  Flame systems; both inspirated and premix.  
CU7  Flame systems; both inspirated and premix.  
SPG1A  Spark-only systems.  


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