combustion engineering


Premix units are used to control and mix the air and fuel gas to the torch.  with pressure regulators and jets supplied to the torch on premix systems. Compressed air and gas is supplied to a premix unit through separate pipes. The air and gas flow through separate valves,  regulators and jets, which control the pressure and flow, before being mixed in a mixer block. The air and gas mixture is then piped to the torch.

Our base model premix unit is the CA170B, pictured below,  which has one valve in the air and gas lines. Other standard designs, including designs for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, are based on the CA170B. The table below lists the various models along with features.


Single block gas valve Double block gas valves Double block and vent gas valves Certified EExm IIC T3 Certified EExd IIC T6
CA170B X
CA175B X
CA176B X
CA177B X X
CA180B X X
CA181B X X

In addition to the above, we have premix units that have a neat gas outlet for use with GT torches, the standard version being the CA182B. A version for use in potentially explosive atmospheres is the CA183B.

For applications that have a low pressure gas supply, the CA174 is available, which does not have a pressure regulator on the gas line.

The following drawings are currently available in acrobat format for downloading.