combustion engineering


We manufacture a range of coils that are suitable for use on applications where a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. The designs are approved by either BASEEFA or ISSeP, depending on the design. They all use encapsulation for explosion protection and are available with a choice of cable types. SY and SWA cable is most frequently used. The cable is encapsulated into the coil so cable type and length must be specified at the time of order. When connected to our control units, they produce a HT voltage of approximately 8000V. A few versions of the encapsulated coil are detailed below.

BASEEFA Certified Coils

The SA82 encapsulated coil was designed to fit onto our ranges of torches. It features quick-release mounting and is certified by  BASEEFA Exs IIC T6; certificate number Ex 82381X.

ISSeP Certified Coils

All of the ISSeP certified encapsulated coils are certified to EExm IIC T6; certificate number 96D.108.035 U. They have the same basic dimensions with only the output connections being different.

The SA74 has a central HT electrode that is insulated by ceramic. It terminates with an M3 coupling. The coil mounting is M20 x 1,5. All of the other coils shown on this page are a variation of the SA74.